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Herbaceous Fields | Foraging Box

Herbaceous Fields | Foraging Box

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Sprinkle a little in their hay or food as a yummy treat but also as fun enrichment! Or let them eat straight from the box!

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1 foraging box contains just the forage and does not come with the spoon 


Timothy hay and oat hay: an important part of their diet, also high in fibre and low in protein 

Sage leaf: high in fibre, vitamin C (for bones, skin, connective tissue), immune system, vitamin E (antioxidant)

Calendula: aids in digestion, healing wounds and skin diseases

Hibiscus: good source of vitamin C, helps prevent bladder infection and constipation 

Lavender: calming agent, reduces nervousness and hyperactivity 

Goji Berries: enhances immune system

Raspberry leaf: anti-inflammatory, high in fibre, support normal metabolism 


This is safe to give to rabbits but only in small amounts because some ingredients have higher sugar content. This should not be given to rabbits younger than 2 months old. Rabbits have sensitive stomachs, so new items should be introduced slowly in small amounts.

RECOMMENDED to use within 1 year. This is intended for healthy pets and should be given only as a treat and not to replace their meals.


Give 2-3 spoonfuls of this forage on hay or pellets. Amount is recommended for rabbits small breeds. Larger breeds (10+ lbs) can be given larger amounts (4-5 spoonfuls)

Store in a closed airtight container in a cool, dry place

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Customer Reviews

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Mary Vick

Our buns absolutely loved the very first Order I made with Wags & Whiskers so I decided to purchase more for Christmas treats. They absolutely love the cookies and goodies AND the fantastic foraging box! I’m so glad I found you as I know your products are healthy. Thank you so very much for all you do! I’m one very hooked Bunny Grandma and Snowball, Chewie and Boopie are very healthy and very happy hooked Wags & Whiskers buns! 💕🇨🇦💕