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Healthy Hearty Forage Blend | For Overall Wellness Support

Healthy Hearty Forage Blend | For Overall Wellness Support

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2 oz

A full body wellness support blend curated with unique dried herbs, florals, and superfoods.

1) Dandelion/red dandelion: is a safe vegetable for rabbits to consume without being limited. It contains a ton of nutrients and is one of the fan favourites of many rabbits.
2) Echinacea purpurea: this herb is an immune system stimulant and can act as an antibiotic when consumed,ed in higher quantities. It has anti-inflammatory and anti-viral properties.
3) Lemon balm: is known to be anti-bacterial, anti-viral, helps with bloating and gas, diarrhea, and is also known to reduce stress.
4) Chickweed: has anti-inflammatory properties which can help with healing cuts and is also known to help with molt support.
5) Hibiscus: helps regulate the body's temperature, helps strengthen the immune system to fight colds and infections.
6) Dehydrated papaya: known as a digestive agent that helps during molt seasons.
7) Black oil sunflower seeds: help to give a shinier and healthier coat because it adds healthy oils into the diet. This can also help during molting season.
8) Dried goji berries: they are known to be good for the eyes because they carry high levels of beta-carotene and zeaxanthin. They also have properties to reduce inflammation and protects the kidneys and liver. 
9) Carrot top leaves: helps lower blood cholesterol, weight loss, and improve eye health.
10) Blackberry leaves: helps stimulate appetite and manage stools.
11) Blackcurrant leaves: appetite stimulant and is high in fibre.

This is good for 2+ months as long as it is kept in an airtight container in a cool dry place. Usage: Maximum 1 tablespoon a day per 5 lb rabbits

This is not to replace veterinary visits and this forage is intended for healthy individuals. Rabbits should also be slowly introduced to this because of their sensitive stomachs.

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Customer Reviews

Based on 3 reviews
Healthy Hearty Forage

Opie loves his forage mix. I give him some every morning with his hay and he just loves it. He especially loves the goji berries. He would like more of that ingredient added 🐰

Melanie Cooke
Delicious hay seasoning!

My senior bun isn't interested in hay anymore so I sprinkle some of this on top to get him to start eating it. I like to call it hay seasoning. Works great! He goes crazy for it.

angela liu
bunny loves it

My bunny, named Lily loves this so much!!