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Chew Fling Toys

Chew Fling Toys

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4 different fling toys to choose from means 4x the fun! All with different combinations of flavours and textures your pet can now chew this instead of on your furniture. 

It is also suitable for all small pets such as rabbits, hamsters, rodents, and guinea pigs! All parts of the toy is safe for chewing and consumption, however the rope is made of jute and while it is safe for chewing it should not be consumed. 

4 Different Fling Toys

A; Loofah Medley Fling Toy : 2 strawberry loofah pieces (1/3 of original loofah size), 2 banana loofah pieces (1/3 of original loofah size), 2 pineapple balsa, 1 blueberry balsa, jute rope

B; Fruity Balsa Fling Toy: cherry, blueberry+strawberry, strawberry, carrot + pumpkin, mango, pineapple, jute rope

C; Party Pack Fling Toy V1: pineapple vine ball, blueberry vine ball, mango vine ball, cherry balsa, pineapple balsa, carrot + pumpkin balsa, raffia paper, jute rope

D; Party Pack Fling Toy V2: strawberry vine ball, carrot + pumpkin vine ball, pineapple vine ball, blueberry balsa, mango balsa, strawberry balsa, raffia paper, jute rope

The balsa wood has been soaked for an extensive period of time in the fruit juice and the taste should last for several months (4+). If the wood pieces feel sticky in any way (from the fruit juice), you can set your toaster oven or oven to a high setting (300 range), turn off the oven and place the balsa wood inside with the door closed. Wait until oven has cooled and the wood has cooled before putting it away.

Since these are soaked in fruit please be mindful of how many toys are given to your bunnies. Always give under supervision. If the toy is new to them it should be introduced in moderate amounts.
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Chew Fling Toys