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Bunny Brunch Picnic Box

Bunny Brunch Picnic Box

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While we are all quarantining and social distancing, you can still enjoy an indoor picnic with your buns! This bundle includes a variety of delicious treats with different flavours for your furry friends to enjoy!

- Two ham and cheese sandwiches
- Two chubby hot dogs
- Three different flavoured cupcakes
- Two different flavoured macarons
- Four chocolate chip nibbles
- One picnic box (as shown in the picture)

*The table in the picture will not be included*


1) Ham and cheese sandwiches: organic oat flour, pear, beet, turmeric
2) Chubby hot dogs: organic oat flour, apple, beet, carrot, turmeric
3) Pink delight macaron: organic oat flour, beet, carrot, apple, pear, rose petal
4) Cappuccino macaron: organic oat flour, clementine, apple, turmeric, pear, burdock root
5) Fruity berrilicious cupcake: organic oat flour, raspberry, strawberry, grape, dehydrated raspberry 
6) Crunchy carrot cupcake: organic oat flour, carrot, burdock root, dried carrot top
7) Peary healthy cupcake: organic oat flour, pear, spiralina, calendula 
8) Chocolate chip nibble: organic oat flour, banana, burdock root

Ham and cheese sandwich - length: 2 cm, width: 3 cm, height: 2 cm
Cupcakes - width: 2 cm, height: 3 cm
Macarons - width: 2 cm, height: 2 cm
Chubby hot dog - length: 3 cm, width: 2 cm, height: 2 cm
Chocolate chip nibbles - diameter: 2 - 2.5 cm


These treats are safe to give to rabbits, but are high in sugar content due to the fruit juice, so these treats should be given in small amounts and should not be given daily. Fruit should not be given to rabbits younger than 2 months old. If your rabbit is under 6 months old they should be given fruit sparingly. Rabbits have sensitive stomachs, so new treats should be introduced slowly in small amounts.

RECOMMENDED to use within 2 months. This is intended for healthy pets and should be given only as a treat and not to replace their meals.

We advise to give a maximum of one of these treats a day or less if your rabbit has consumed other treats. Rabbits should not consume too much sugar, so be mindful of the amount to give if this treat is given in addition to other sugary treats. Rabbits have sensitive stomachs, so new treats should be introduced slowly in small amounts

Store in a closed airtight container in a cool, dry place

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Customer Reviews

Based on 4 reviews
Michelle R Cusick
LOVED this adorable bundle

I saw this bundle and I HAD to order for my bun to have some fun brunch plans like I did! She was INSTANTLY hooked on them. She tried tearing the treat box out of my hands! She is a big fan and I am looking forward to ordering again.

Brenda Van Esch
If our bun had a cookie jar

Our bun loves the picnic basket. This is the second time we have ordered it and if he had a cookie jar he could dip his paw into, it would be empty!!!! We will definitely be ordering this product again.

Kitty Wan
Cutest little bun cookies

My bunny loved the tacos!! 😆🌮

Could not be more impressed!

This was my first order from this shop and I will definitely be back very soon! Everything was packed so well and look exactly like the pictures! My bunny loves everything we’ve tried so far and I really appreciate the attention to healthy ingredients. I live in the US and was very impressed with how well everything was packed and protected! Thanks again! :)