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Balsa Chews

Balsa Chews

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Pack of 2, 3, 4 (ordering process)
For all packs of 2 and 4: The quantity of each flavour will be split 50/50 (if 2 flavours are chosen).  For example if you purchased a 4 pack of kale and strawberry with apple and mango, there will be 2 kale strawberry and 2 apple mango.

For pack of 3: If 2 flavours are selected, the quantity for each flavour will be chosen at random. If "all flavours" are selected then one of each flavour will be included.

Please let us know if you have any questions with ordering or if you'd like to specifically pick your quantity of flavours!

Balsa wood is a a soft wood that make safe and natural chew toys for rabbits. Each piece has been soaked in fruit juice and have dehydrated fruit on the outside to make it a tasty treat as well. The rope is made out of seagrass and is 100% safe for rabbits to chew on. 

100% fruit juices are used without any additives and preservatives
Each balsa piece measures 1 inch x 2 inch x 1/2 inch

1) Wood: kale and strawberry 
Dehydrated fruit: strawberry

2) Wood: apple and mango
Dehydrated fruit: apple

3) Wood: pear and pineapple
Dehydrated fruit: pineapple


The balsa wood has been soaked for an extensive period of time in the fruit juice and the taste should last for several months (4+). The dried fruit will start to get soft within 2 months but can be made crispy again and can last several months as well. To make them dry and crispy again set your toaster oven or oven to a high setting (300 range), turn off the oven and place the balsa wood inside with the door closed. Wait until oven has cooled and the wood has cooled before putting it away.

We recommend a maximum of 2 balsa chew toys a week as they do contain pieces of fruit and is soaked in fruit juice so it can be high in sugar content. Always give under supervision. If the toy is new to them it should be introduced in moderate amounts.
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