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Wags & Whiskers Co.

2022 Advent calendar (PRE-ORDER)

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PLEASE READ: Deposits paid on September 26th and onward are NON-REFUNDABLE.

The calendar will be available for purchase until:
- Canada: November 10th
- US: October 20th


**Due to limited supply, we’ve run out of brown grids from earlier orders. All grids will come in white now*

*The calendar and item pictures shown are from previous years*


(1) Complete the deposit (60% of total price) of a calendar on our website (shipping price will not be included yet) 

Use code: ADVENTSHIP to void shipping at checkout (read step 3)
(2) Fill out this form:
(3) Pay the invoice of your remaining total which will be sent to you via email (this includes shipping fee and the remaining total of the calendar). This will be sent within 4 business days after the purchase. Please pay the invoice within 3 business days. 

*Pick up and drop-off options are available for Canadian customers within the GTA. Please contact us for further information*

(1) First payment: The price of the calendar seen on our website is the price of the deposit 

(2) Second payment: 
The shipping price and remaining total of the calendar will need to be paid via your invoice (you will receive one within 4 business days)

Example for purchasing a grid calendar ($128):
1) Make a deposit of $76.80
2) The remaining total of the calendar is $51.20. The second payment will include $51.20 + shipping fee. 

Once all of these steps are completed, you will receive a confirmation email that your pre-order has been completed. The calendars will be shipped out early November to mid November depending on the date of purchase (a tracking number will be provided).

Estimated shipping prices (an exact shipping price will be given after completing all the steps, but please feel free to contact us for an exact price beforehand)

All prices are in CAD
Eastern Canada - ON, QC, PEI, NB, NS
Grid option: $21
Non-grid: $18
*free shipping does not apply to calendar orders* 

Western Canada - BC, SK, MB (excluding Alberta)
Grid option: $31
Non-grid option: $24

*free shipping does not apply to calendar orders* 

Grid option: $45
Non-grid: $35

Grid option: $55
Non-grid: $30

Please reach out to us through email for IG to inquire about a shipping price

The first and second pictures were our 2020 grid and non-grid calendars.

Your buns will enjoy 25 days of fun surprises all through December with our advent calendar. Each box contains a unique present that would make a delicious treat, a fun chew toy, or bring some holiday cheer into your home.

A calendar will contain:
- 14 different Christmas/holiday themed treats (2-3 per treat depending on the size of each)
- 8 chew toys
- 2 personalized decor 
- 1 Christmas themed forage
- a special gift for bunparent

Two options for the calendar:
(1) Grid option (first picture)
- The calendar will come preassembled (as shown in the picture above)
- Grid dimensions: 40.5 cm by 51.5 cm
- The grid will come in white
- The decorations may vary

(2) Non-grid option (second picture)
- The calendar will come with everything as shown and will need to be assembled
- The decorations will need to be assembled onto the strings
- Box dimension: 7.3 cm (L) by 8 cm (H) by 3.5 (W)
- String will be provided for assembly
- The decorations may vary

An ingredient list will be provided for each calendar

Customer Reviews

Based on 4 reviews
Kailey Win
Great intro to wags and whiskers

I’m only on day 9 and my bunnies are so excited to open each day! They are generally pretty picky and don’t like to try new things but they have loved every treat so far. The chew toys are gone in a few hours because of how much they love them. There are multiple treats in each day so they each get to enjoy their own. It’s definitely worth the price as you can tell each item was made with love and effort. Everything is individually wrapped to ensure the items arrive safe. This is my first time buying from wags and whiskers and I will definitely buy again knowing that I’m supporting a small Canadian business and my bunnies absolutely love everything so far.

Holly Middleton
Absolutely LOVE Our Advent Calendar!

Our 2021 Advent Calendar is the most perfect thing ever! It's so, so beautiful and all of the goodies inside are just amazing quality. Lennon (our bun) gets so excited when I bring the calendar down to the floor so he can see me open the day and find out what his treat or toy will be. Thank you for making such a wonderful item for bunnies for Christmas.

Alexis Brown

While the advent calendar is quite expensive, it is 100% worth it! The amount of work, time, and effort that goes into these advent calendars is unbelievable. We haven’t opened any of the days yet, but we absolutely cannot wait! So beautiful, and cannot wait for our bunny to open it!

Shawna Underwood
Advent calendar

This calendar is amazing!! So well made visually
as well as creative. Wags and whiskers is one of my favorite small businesses their treats are so well detailed and my bunnies love them worth every dollar !. Also have great customer service!