Drop off option available

Only for Toronto customers with postal codes beginning with: L3R, L3P, L6G, L3S, M1W, M1V, M1T, M1S, M1T

Instead of shipping your order, once it is ready to go we will be dropping it off at your door step! Due to the different processing times for each item as well as our personal fluctuating schedules, we are not able to provide an exact delivery date, but you will receive a text on the day of when your order will be delivered. Please ensure that you provide your correct cell phone number with your order. 

Deliveries will be made in the afternoon/evening depending on our availability. 

At checkout, you will see a drop-off option if you have a postal code that begins with the ones listed above. This delivery option will have a flat rate of $5. If the flat rate is shown to be greater than $5, a refund will be issued. 

Please contact us if you have any questions!

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