Canadian Pet Expo 2022!

Canadian Pet Expo 2022!

Hi bunparents!

We will be one of the vendors at this year's Canadian Pet Expo in the fall! This pet fair will be our biggest one yet! Compared to our other pet fairs we will have larger quantities of freshly made treats and accessories available!

Since this is our biggest pet fair yet, we will start prepping very soon so we’ll be accepting pick-up orders starting next week. Some products such as the birthday bundle must be purchased through our website since it is a customized product. Please use the code "PETFAIR" to exempt shipping fees and your order will be prepped closer to the date to ensure freshness.

Please read carefully as we need time to prepare for specific items:

  • If you are ordering ONLY treats (EXCLUDING THE BIRTHDAY CAKE AND BIRTHDAY BUNDLE) please place your order before September 10th.
  • If you are ordering treats AND accessories, please place your order before September 3rd.
  • If your order includes birthday cake OR birthday bundle, please place your order before August 27th as we need more time to dehydrate the cakes and customize the birthday bundle.

Please keep in mind that even if we have large quantities of our products at the pet expo, we can't guarantee that it will be in stock upon your arrival. We advice you to order from our website before the dates we've mentioned above. 

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My sons 24 yrs old and I live in the burbs of Vancouver. So excited to find these yummy treats! We have 3 bunnies…2 boys Snowball (Netherland Dwarf) and Chewie a long haired Holland Lop
and very furry (hence his name as he looks like Chewbacca from Star Wars) and a little girl who we were initially told was a boy! Turns out she’s a girl!!! We call her Da Boopie! She’s hilarious and is a white Angora Lionhead. Her and Snowball are best pals and inseparable. Chewie loves her too but Snowball got first dibs although we think she flirts with Chewie to make Snowball jealous. 🤣💕 Thank goodness they are all fixed but also too bad. We would have had the cutest babies! Now Boopie LOVESSSS to eat so can’t wait for these wonderful treats as Chewie loves treats and Snowball is a bit more delicate and only eats certain treats. I know they will LOVE EVERYTHING!!!!. Please let me know when the bunny pattern is back in for the beds. THANK YOU!! YOURE AWESOME FOR MAKING THESE!!!

Mary Vick

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