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DIY spaghetti and meatballs chew fling | DIY toy kit

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Balsa wood flavour
Loofah flavour

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This is a quick and fun DIY project for you and your bun during quarantine! The toy can be assembled as shown or it can be made however you like. We're happy to help if you have any trouble assembling the toy!

The toy kit comes with 8 different items (unassembled):
1) One balsa wood (5 flavours to choose from)
2) One small loofah chew (4 flavours to choose from)
3) Crocheted heart lid (made from 100% raffia ribbon)
4) Crocheted bowl (made from 100% raffia ribbon)
5) Two vine balls (2 cm diameter)
6) Palm flower - kraft box (5x5x5 cm)
7) Tassel (made from 100% raffia ribbon)
8) 60 cm of seagrass rope

Loofah flavours: apple, banana, veggie (kale + dandelion), orange
Balsa wood flavours: strawberry, pineapple, blackberry, yellow peach, veggie (basil + dandelion)

100% natural fruit juices are used for the loofahs and balsa wood

To assemble the toy as show, string the seagrass rope through all of the items. Once you string it through the tassel, push the rope back into the bottom of the box.

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Agata Gizynska

DIY spaghetti and meatballs chew fling | DIY toy kit