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Discounted Treats

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These are treats made in excess amounts as well as failed treats that didn’t make it as permanent treats in our shop. A random assortment will be given. A few broken pieces may be included, but treats will be included in the pack.

These are safe and natural treats for rabbits. If you have any questions about the ingredients, please send us a message!

NOTE: Not all of the treats are featured in the photo above and the appearances may vary.

These treats are safe to give to rabbits, but are high in sugar content due to the fruit juice, so these treats should be given in small amounts and should not be given daily. Fruit should not be given to rabbits younger than 2 months old. If your rabbit is under 6 months old they should be given fruit sparingly. Rabbits have sensitive stomachs, so new treats should be introduced slowly in small amounts.

RECOMMENDED to use within 2 months. This is intended for healthy pets and should be given only as a treat and not to replace their meals.

We advise to give a maximum of one of these treats a day or less if your rabbit has consumed other treats. Rabbits should not consume too much sugar, so be mindful of the amount to give if this treat is given in addition to other sugary treats. Rabbits have sensitive stomachs, so new treats should be introduced slowly in small amounts

Store in a closed airtight container in a cool, dry place.

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