Toronto Christmas Pet Show: Nov. 19th & 20th

Toronto Christmas Pet Show: Nov. 19th & 20th

Hi bunparents!

We're going back to the Canadian Pet Expo on Nov. 19th & 20th! We had such an amazing time at their fall event that we decided to also participate in the 2022 Toronto Christmas Pet Show (which is soon!). The small animal village will be there so come check it out and get something for your buns!

At this event, we will have all of our signature Christmas treats available for purchase as well as our advent calendars. We will have limited quantities of the calendars available at the Expo so to be guaranteed one, please place an order before the event as they’re only available while supplies last. Our calendars are made to order as some items require customization so those purchasing at the Expo will have alternative items to the customized ones.

At this event only our most popular treats and toys will be available. If you plan to attend and want to purchase specific products, please place an order on our website and use the code PETFAIR to void shipping fees.

If you would like to order a calendar to be picked up at the event, please place your order before Nov. 6th and fill in the Google form below that applies to your selected calendar option (25 day and 12 day versions) and be sure to use code "PETFAIR" to exempt shipping fees.

25 days calendar:

12 days calendar:

Pick-up orders

As always, we will provide pick-up option at the pet fair, please place your order before Nov. 11th. This includes accessories such as bun beds, bag-o-hay and others and treats. Use code "PETFAIR" to exempt shipping fees.

New Products

As Christmas is approaching, we will be bringing back and also releasing more Christmas themed products in the upcoming few weeks! Please subscribe to our email for early updates, as subscribers will get early access to new products!



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